Website hosting

Fully managed WordPress hosting
$ 200
Per year
  • Super fast hosting
  • Advanced support
  • Backups and security updates
  • Domain name management*

Guaranteed resources

Our cloud platform offers powerful dedicated resources and is optimised for efficiency and speed that guarantees a top performance of your site.

Fully managed service

We know that a growing business needs more maintenance on all levels. By taking care of the IT aspect, we allow you to focus on other more important business issues.

Free SSL

We automatically issue free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for every website, with the option to add more robust certificates if required.

Dynamic caching

Optimisation plugins allow smart dynamic caching and multiple other performance optimisations.


We back up your account and keep multiple offsite copies. We can also create instant backups in a click when needed.

Easy scaling

We constantly monitor server performance and load to make sure your site doesn’t experience downtime and loss of traffic.

Websites design

We create custom website designs for adult performers to improve their online presence and credibility. All security and updates are taken care of in our website hosting package so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Logo & branding

Having a consistent brand presence across your website and social accounts is essential for spreading awareness across the industry. We can help create a unique logo and branding to complement how you want to be perceived. 

Social media

We can manage your social media presence by posting professional content, following the right people and reacting to what’s happening on a day-to-day basis. 


We don’t do cookie-cutter designs. Therefore, we can’t give off-the-shelf prices. All we can say is that our rates are extremely competitive! Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation consultation.